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The IT Process Institute is an independent research organization that provides information for IT decision makers that seek the highest levels of organizational performance.

We enable data driven decision making which is grounded in the study of top performers and the practices that make them different. Our shared research model is a cost effective addition to best practice frameworks and analyst services.                                                                                                                                                                        continue >>


All three Visible Ops books are now available for download.   Simply add one, two, or all three to your shopping cart and you can immediately begin your Visible Ops journey!

It's also a convenient way to purchase multiple copies for you and your colleagues and save the time and cost of shipping!                                                  continue >>

Just as there are different types of

CIO, there are different types of IT organizations too.  Answer nine questions and get a 2 page report that identifies your archetype as compared to 269 other IT organizations.            

                                   continue >>

We summarize the key findings from each of our or research and benchmark studies into an Executive Snapshot.

These free white papers provide an excellent summary of the research and findings of the ITPI.                                continue >>

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