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We create research-based guidance for a pragmatic and seasoned audience that is good at detecting fluff. As a result, we maintain independence as a research firm to avoid conflict of interest. We don’t have a hidden agenda. Our goal is simply to identify what makes top performers different, and help everyone in the IT industry achieve success with their own technology initiatives.

Over the years, we have refined our outcomes-oriented research methodology to meet the needs of demanding IT decision makers.  We help answer questions that are top of mind for those responsible for guiding IT organizations like: Where should we focus resources? What can we do to achieve better results?  What measurable improvements can we expect if we make specific changes?

Our research approach includes a series of steps that have been fine tuned over time:

Knowing that correlation does not equal causation, we combine what learn from both interviews and data analysis to reveal key findings. We also strive to make our findings consumable, interesting, and inspiring in order to help foster performance breakthrough and sustainable change.

We also use key findings and extensive data sets to create benchmarking tools. The tools focus attention on the key practices that drive top levels of performance.  Benchmark tools allow IT organizations keen on improving performance to compare both their current practices and performance to the top, medium and low performers in the study population.  Customized benchmark reports highlight specific steps and potential performance improvement that would result from taking those steps.

At end of day, we are driven by curiosity.  We have strong need to figure out what works. And desire to help people make data-drive decisions and guide sustainable change for their organization.