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Scott Alldridge – President and Founding Officer

Scott Alldridge is the CEO of IP Services and a founding officer and board member of the ITPI. He is responsible for managing research projects and sponsor relationships. In addition, Scott provides key strategic and operational oversight, and provides key resources from IP Services to see the vision and mission of the ITPI is carried onward.

Gene Kim – Co-founder

Gene is the co-founder of the ITPI and is a tireless visionary and supporter of our efforts. He is co-author of the Visible Ops Handbook and is a primary researcher for the IT Controls Benchmark studies. You can read more about Gene and his latest publishing efforts at IT Revolution Press.

Kevin Behr – Co-founder

Kevin co-founded the ITPI and is co-author of he Visible Ops Handbook. He is CTO of Assemblage Pointe, and active consultant helping IT executives transform their IT organizations through better process orientation, increased availability, reduced unplanned work and overall better IT execution and performance. Kevin is a frequently invited speaker called on to address a broad range of technology and management framework topics.

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