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Visible Ops Security - Reviews

What readers are saying about Visible Ops Security

”‘Visible Ops Security’ is the first work I’ve found that helps connect all the dots between the shared objectives held by management, security professionals, auditors, and IT professionals. This is so important since all of us, regardless of profession, are often guilty of pursuing the ‘green’ on our own scorecards without linking those metrics to shared goals and what is most important to the organization overall.

It is clear that top performing IT organizations have found ways to simultaneously advance the goals of all the key groups: information security, IT operations, development, and audit. Many organizations, both large and small, will find the practical and clear guidance in ‘Visible Ops Security’ to be very compelling in helping their efforts to get ahead of the risk management, compliance, and governance curve.

This book is very readable, much like a novel. It is written in such a way that the reader will feel like they are discussing the issues with others in their IT shop. ‘Visible Ops Security’ takes the reader on a safari of sorts, first telling him where to pitch his tent to secure the ‘base camp’ for future operations, then giving him a map to take his canoe on the hunt up the river to the land of Development and Deployment, all the while avoiding the nasty alligators and piranha along the way.”

Jay R. Taylor

CIA, CISA, CFE, General Director, Global IT Audit & Financial Services Audit, General Motors Corporation

“This book has many groundbreaking insights, but my favorites are the ‘Tone from the Top’ and ‘Define the Consequences’ sections. Everyone involved in the creation, review, or approval of policy should be able to quote these sections verse by verse.”

Stephen Northcutt

SANS Institute

“The information security playbook for reaching business common goals ‘The Visible Ops Security’ handbook should be on the must-read list of all managers and CxOs who are involved with IT, data leakage, and compliance. It provides a play-by-play walk-through for how IT and security can work together towards the common goals of the business without getting in each other’s way and without creating bureaucracy.”

Ron Gula

CTO and Cofounder, Tenable Network Security

“When I heard a Visible Ops Security book was in the works, I was skeptical about the need for a sequel to the original Visible Ops. But Visible Ops Security isn’t a sequel. It’s an essential companion to the original Visible Ops book.”

Steve Darby

VP of Operations, IP Services

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